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Bento Lunch Box

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Personalised Bento Lunch Box

Make mealtimes fun and memorable with Cash’s lunch boxes with removable bento box insert trays.

Does your lunch bag match your food containers and utensils?  Stand out in the classroom crowd with Cash’s customisable bento boxes and insulated lunch totes.

Introducing: Cash’s Personalised Bento Box Compartments

Convenient for parents and kids alike, our bento boxes are the perfect solution for lunches on the go.

A personalised lunch box with multiple compartments in a dishwasher safe removable tray is a mealtime upgrade that’s worth every dollar you spend on it.  Bring your home-cooked meals with you everywhere, keeping them fresh with Cash’s cleverly crafted lunch boxes.

With lunch bags and bento boxes that you can customise to have unique but matching designs, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting or losing your packed meals again.

What You Can Expect From Cash’s Personalised Bento Lunch Boxes

At Cash’s, we make sure that our bento boxes are...

Food-Safe and Approved by the FDA

Our lunch boxes with bento box compartments are made from BPA free, BPS free and Phthalate free materials that are guaranteed to be food safe.

Leak-Proof with Reinforced Hinges and Clips

Secure silicone seals prevent food and liquids in separate bento box compartments from mixing.  This feature also makes the entire lunch box leak-proof – no moisture can seep in, and no food can spill out.

Reinforced clips and steel pin hinges also add durability and keep Cash’s bento box tightly shut when it needs to be.

Fully Customisable Online

Personalise both your insulated lunch tote and your bento box!  Select your preferred design details and fonts and combine it with your name.  Lunch bags come in two colours, while bento boxes come in four.

For your bento box, you can also remove the insert tray to have four compartments or keep it inserted to have one with six!

Cash’s Bento Lunch Box Comes With Matching Accessories

We didn’t create just a bento box.  Cash’s offers a full on lunch experience with affordable accessories that go together perfectly.

Here’s what we have available to jazz up your mealtimes:

Cash’s spork was crafted to be the ideal companion to our bento box.  The 2-in-1 utensil is sturdy, dishwasher safe and made from high quality material.  With a spoon on one end and a fork on the other, you won’t need anything else for a quick snack.

Our completely insulated lunch totes are made from high-quality polyester and an inner lining that’s a breeze to wipe down. They are large enough to fit one of our bento boxes plus a little extra.  A mesh pocket on the inside lid can hold items that need to be separate from your food.  The handles are filled with padding that even very young children can grip with ease.