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Personalised Water Bottles

Stay hydrated all day with the perfect year round companion: Cash’s personalised water bottles.

Once you’ve tried our custom drink bottles, you’ll never go back.  At just the right size for portability, our plastic and stainless steel water bottle variants will get you through brutally hot summers and bitterly cold winters alike.

Custom Drink Bottles for Any Occasion

Who can say no to drink bottles that are as affordable as they are customisable?

When you drink from one of Cash’s personalised water bottles, you’re not only keeping yourself hydrated but you're also helping save the planet! Imagine how many disposable plastic drink bottles the average person would go through in a week if they didn’t own a reusable container. For the lowest market price around, you can avoid adding a significant amount of plastic to the world’s landfills.

What You Can Expect from Cash’s Personalised Water Bottles

At Cash’s, we make sure that our drink bottles are...

Durable and Hassle Free to Clean

All of our personalised water bottles are built to last and made from consumer safe materials.

Cash’s plastic drink bottles are top rack dishwasher safe.  While our powder coated and scratch resistant personalised stainless steel water bottles are handwash only, cleaning is a breeze with its large and thread free mouthpiece.  No hard-to-reach corners here!

Spill-Proof and Easy to Grip

Our personalised plastic water bottle features a lid with a child friendly latch on handle and a button release spout connected to a drinking straw. Ideal for tiny hands and designed to avoid messy spills.

Many of these benefits are represented in our stainless steel water bottle.  A silicone seal on the lid makes the container airtight and watertight so that you can say goodbye to odour and moisture leakage.  An elastomer grip makes the drink bottle easy to open and shut too. Cash’s stainless steel water bottle also comes with a removable climbing rope handle that kids can use to carry it with them.

Ready and Waiting for Customisation

Both plastic and stainless steel water bottles are fully customisable.  Choose bottle colours, visual details and select a font for your printed name or a motivational message on your water bottle.

Dependable Drink Bottles in Two Different Designs

Cash’s offers three unique custom drink bottle options:

  • Kid’s Plastic Water Bottle (400ml)
  • Kid’s Stainless Steel Water Bottle (500ml)
  • Personalised Stainless Steel Water Bottles (500ml)

Our reusable plastic drink bottles are made from BPA free and Phthalate free materials. The custom containers are also lighter and slightly smaller, making them more comfortable for very young children to handle safely.

Compared to our plastic variant, our top-grade stainless steel water bottles are a little bigger. These drink bottles are double walled and vacuum insulated, which means they can keep your beverages warm for up to 15 hours, and your cold drinks chilled for 30 hours or more.