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Personalised Luggage Tags

Are you forever afraid of losing your bags at the airport?  Cash’s custom logo luggage straps will give you peace of mind.

When you’re stuck in baggage claim waiting for your belongings to appear, our personalised luggage straps are a godsend.  Add your name and unique style to your luggage and never worry about your bags getting mistaken for someone else’s ever again. 

Introducing: The Best Luggage Straps You Can Find

When it comes to perfectly customised luggage accessories, you can trust us!  After all, Cash’s has been in the product personalisation business for over 100 years.

The worst part of travelling for most people is packing and handling luggage.  Moving stuff around to ensure that everything fits in your bag, struggling to zip it up, huffing and puffing as you carry or drag it with you through terminals – that’s a lot of work.

The least you can do is to add a personal touch.  Do bold colours and your name in large and legible letters sound like a good idea?  That’s where the best luggage straps from Cash’s come in!  Our logo luggage straps provide an extra layer of security and style to your travel suitcases.

What You Can Expect from Cash’s Personalised Luggage Straps

At Cash’s, we make sure that our custom logo luggage straps are...

Cute and Customisable

Yes, our luggage accessories are made to order!  Select colours for the strap and the colourfast yarn that will be used to weave your name and preferred logo onto the product.

Robust and Reliable

Our personalised luggage straps use either two secure press studs or one single adjust side release buckle to remain attached to your bag. Simply snap on or clip in place.

Cash’s standard woven luggage straps are also adjustable and strongly elasticised, enabling them to wrap around bags of all sizes and stay in place.

Well Made and Machine Washable

The best luggage straps are of high quality but require low maintenance.  Cash’s travel accessories are made from only premium-grade materials: nylon webbing, polyester yarns and more.

Our products are also easily detachable, fade-resistant and machine washable – so cleaning them is hassle free.

Cash’s Luggage Accessories: A Must Have for the Modern Traveller

We offer two personalised luggage strap variants. You can choose one or the other depending on your style preferences and the size of your travel bags:

  • Mini Luggage Straps
  • Standard Luggage Straps

Cash’s trendy mini custom logo luggage straps are your best bet for worry free labelling and identification.  Perfect for suitcases of all sizes, but especially fitting for smaller luggage, such as overnight bags.

Our woven luggage straps are best for large suitcases.  Let your suitcase stand out from the crowd! Your name will be woven repeatedly throughout the length of your personalised luggage strap, making it quickly identifiable no matter what.