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Sticky name Labels

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Personalised Sticky Labels

With our adorable stick-on name labels, you’ll never lose anything again.

Cash's printed sticky labels are eye-catching, easy to use and ideal for putting name tags on your favourite things! Simply peel one of our stick-on labels away from its backing paper and firmly apply it to the desired surface with the adhesive side facing down.

When and Where to Use Cash’s Personalised Sticky Labels

Designed and printed in Australia, Cash’s stick-on name labels are of the highest quality.

From retail price stickers to school name tags, sticky labels of all shapes and sizes are in regular use all over the world, and Cash’s products are some of the best that you will find available online.  Our custom printed stick-on name labels are practical and perfect for tagging items brought to school, child care facilities and aged care homes. 

Personalise your drink bottles, lunch boxes, notebooks, shoes, and so much more! Ensure the safe return of your valuables should they ever go missing.

What You Can Expect From Our Personalied Stick-On Name Labels

At Cash’s, we make sure that our custom sticky labels are…

Distinctive and Legible

Our printed designs will not smear or smudge! Cash’s shoe name labels and round name labels also feature clear overlays on the sticker surface, adding that extra layer of protection from everyday wear and tear. 

Durable and Kitchen-Friendly

If your personalised sticky labels are stuck to a bento box or a water bottle, you don’t have to worry about the stickers fading or accidentally washing off as the super-strong adhesive will hold the tags in place.

Guess what?  Cash’s stick-on name labels are dishwasher and microwave safe!  Our products will remain good as new and attached to your valuables after washing.

Dependable and Long-Lasting

When name tag stickers are made from only the highest-quality materials, they can last a lifetime.  Our tear-resistant products also come with extra-strong adhesive backing.  No need to replace Cash’s personalised sticky labels every few washes.

Printed Sticky Labels in Every Size and Design You Need

Whether you’re looking for stick-on name tags to put on your children’s school lunch boxes or simply want a set of stickers to label your stuff, Cash’s has you sorted. 

You can get our custom stick-on name labels in many different colour, design and shape options. Cash’s printed sticky labels also come in several sizes to suit each and every need:

  • Small Sticky Labels (20mm x 50mm)
  • Large Sticky Labels (20mm x 100mm)
  • Round Sticky Labels (38mm)
  • Large Round Sticky Labels (60mm)
  • Square Sticky Labels (30mm x 30mm)
  • Large Square Sticky Labels (50mm x 50mm)
  • Shoe Sticky Labels (43mm x 45mm)
  • Mini Sticky Labels (6mm x 50mm)

Explore the full range of our products in this category: classic sticky labels, coloured sticky labels and designer sticky labels. We have several variety packs available for purchase too!