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Coloured Name Labels



Cash’s manufacture high quality coloured sticky labels that will last for years.  These stickers will stick to hard surfaces including metal, plastic, glass, or paper and Cash’s coloured sticky labels the best on the market for labelling stationery, water bottles, lunch boxes, school books, sports equipment, mobile phones, laptops - just about anything!  Our labels are dishwasher and microwave safe for simple and convenient use.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • You can choose your own colours and fonts
  • Can customise according to your needs
  • Available in on fashion colours and in many shapes and sizes

You can customise, personalise and make our coloured sticky labels your own.  Stamp your name on all your personal belongings with a tailored design.  It’s your name, your identity so shout it out to the world.  You have an infinite combination of many shapes, colours, fonts and sizes so time to put on your creative cap and get designing.

What are the sizes and label varieties that you can choose from our coloured sticky labels range?

  • Coloured Name Labels - Small
  • Multi Colour Name Labels - Small
  • Coloured Name Labels - Large
  • Multi Colour Name Labels - Large
  • Coloured Name Labels - Round
  • Multi Colour Name Labels - Round
  • Coloured Name Labels - Large Round
  • Multi Colour Name Labels - Large Round
  • Coloured Name Labels - Square
  • Multi-Colour Name Labels - Square
  • Coloured Name Labels - Large Square
  • Multi Colour Name Labels - Large Square
  • Coloured Name Labels - Shoe
  • Multi Colour Name Labels - Shoe
  • Coloured Name Labels - Mini
  • Multi Colour Name Labels - Mini

The colours we have incorporated in our label designs are bold and beautiful.  They are easy to apply and will certainly last through whatever your little tacker can throw at them.  Our labels can also be easily removed should you ever wish to replace it with another Cash’s name label.

Awesome designs, on fashion colours, fantastic quality at rock bottom prices…  What else can you say other than “I’m buying mine now!”