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Are you interested in monetizing your website or blog?

Consider joining Cash’s affiliate program! With this program, you can boost your income quickly and easily.

Affiliate Program – What’s in it for you?

Read on to discover four key benefits of joining our affiliate program and how to take advantage of if.

1. No Inventory or Shipping Involved

One of the biggest benefits of joining Cash’s affiliate program is that you don’t have to worry about inventory or shipping. You simply refer customers to your website / blog / socials and let us take care of everything else. This means you can dedicate your time and energy to what really matters — promoting and marketing your products or services!

2. Earn on the go.

You’ll earn money whilst your friends, followers, family and local community buy any products from Cash’s. e.g., name labels, bento box, dog collars, etc. It’s simple to promote your page on social media & in emails to friends and family, or even on your existing website / blog to your followers, using your unique URL and affiliate code.

3. No mucking around

You do not have to worry about order forms or anything  — Orders will be placed online.

4. No distribution cost

All orders are shipped directly from the Cash’s warehouse to the customer’s doorstep. You can encourage your followers, local community, friends, and family to order through your page all year round! You can create reasons for orders to be placed at any time, e.g., Christmas, Summer Camp, Back to School, Easter etc. as these occasions are perfect for personalised gifts. That way, you can keep your commission payments coming in throughout the year.

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What’s the difference between registering as a fundraiser and registering as a Cash’s Affiliate?

Registering as a fundraiser allows you or a group of people to raise money for a charity, school or kinder. All money raised as a fundraiser is to benefit the school, charity or kinder only. A person or business cannot personally benefit from fundraising, so fundraising cannot be used as a supplementary income stream by you but affiliate income is all yours.

An individual or business wishing to earn money or receive an additional income stream from selling Cash’s personalised products are required to register as a Cash’s Affiliate. Becoming a Team Member is also great way for bloggers to supplement their income if they already have a website or are selling products online.

What commission do you earn as an Affiliate?

All sales of regular priced items earn up to 25% commission on all orders that we receive via your unique URL

Can all products on our website earn you commission?

Yes! All products across Cash’s personalised product range can earn you commission. That includes our regular products like Name labels, backpacks, bag tags, drink bottles, lunch boxes etc. as well as our seasonal ranges like Christmas, Easter, Back to School, etc. and any new range of products that are introduced in the near future as long as we are associated.

What is my Affiliate code?

A code is generated from your name, blog, website, or business name. It can be your full name or initials. This code must be entered into the promotional code box by your customer when they order to ensure you earn commission on that purchase.

How does it work?

  1. Your affiliate URL gives your customers a link to your unique Cash’s page. It uses our website and indicates that they are ordering through your page. You can copy and paste the url link on all communication with your followers, families, friends, and your local community.
  2. When they click on this link it will automatically add your affiliate code in the promotional code box at the checkout. You can also use our images as promo tiles on your blog or website, which allows your customers to click through to order using your unique URL.

How do you receive commissions?

When you reach the minimum threshold of $50, you can request a commission payout via your account dashboard. Commission is paid as a Bank Transfer or via PayPal to an approved bank account. Requests must be made by the Team Member and will be paid 2 weeks after the month following the request.

If a customer doesn’t use my code, can you add the commission in later?

No, unfortunately commission cannot be added retrospectively to your account once the transaction has been made. That’s why it is vital that you include your affiliate code and/or URL in all communications.

How do we support you to earn more?

We provide a range of digital files in your affiliate kit. You can use them when promoting Cash’s products. You will get posters, flyers, social media images and more! In addition to these files, we are happy to print up to 250x DL size flyers with your Team Member code on them, free of charge. If you require a specific image or product to use in promotions to your followers, please contact us on [email protected] and we can provide this for you.

Can we get order forms and catalogues to hand out?

Due to the large selection of designs, colours, fonts, and styles available across our website, it is not practical for us to offer an order form or catalogue. Our products are designed to be personalised, so each customer will select what they prefer best by using our website to place their order.

If we haven’t earned enough commission for a payout, what happens?

The Team Member relationship is designed to be ongoing, so we suggest you keep actively promoting your Team Member URL and code to earn more commission. If you do want to end the relationship only then the commission amount even if under the threshold limit can be paid.

What happens if I forget the login?

Contact us here at [email protected] and we can reset your Password.

How do we close an account?

Accounts can be closed by contacting us at [email protected] Any commissions accrued can be paid out to an approved account.

  1. If we accept this application, you have agreed to an Agent relationship with us on these terms and conditions commencing from when we communicate our acceptance.
  2. Upon payment and fulfillment of each customer order, we will credit the amount of your Commission percentage to you. Your credits will be reduced by the amount of Commission credited in respect of amounts that we are not paid or repay to a customer.
  3. When your Commission credits reach the Payments Level, we will pay the amount of your credits to your nominated bank account within 14 days from the end of the month of your request.
  4. Requests are to be made online and must include your personal or organisation’s registration number before payment can be made.
  5. You must confirm whether you are registered for value added taxes, such as goods and services tax. If you are registered for goods and services tax, your sales shall be deemed a taxable supply for the purposes of GST unless you satisfy that any sales are not subject to goods and services tax.
  6. We shall issue recipient created tax invoices in respect of any payments that we make to you. Amounts shall be expressed exclusive of any value added taxes, for example, goods and services tax, and you shall indemnify us in respect of any liability arising from such taxes
  7. This agreement may be terminated by you or us at any time by notifying the other. If no credits or requests are made for a period of 365 days, we may end the relationship and cancel any credit.
  8. You warrant that you are, or have authority of, the applicant and to nominate the bank account to which we shall make payment. If requested, you shall promptly provide reasonable proof of that authority.
  9. We will assign a unique Agent code which customers associated with you may use to order products so that we can identify that the sale is to be credited to your account. No credit shall be given for sales that are not ordered using the unique Agent code or URL
  10. We may decline to accept or change any orders and we may alter our products offered.
  11. We may deal directly with customers concerning their orders made through your allocated address
  12. Our relationship is independent contracting parties and not employer and employee, franchisor and franchisee, partners, or joint venturers.
  13. You will not
    1. Conduct or represent yourself as authorised to bind us
    2. Make representations in relation to our business that are not authorised by us
    3. Engage in conduct that may reflect unfavourably upon our reputation.
  14. You agree not to resell our products without our written approval.
  15. We refer you to our privacy policy located at and conditions of use of our website located at
  16. We and you each indemnify the other against any claim, loss, or expense to the extent to which it arises from any breach of this agreement or applicable laws.
  17. We may change our commission percentages in relation to your sales on not less than 60 days’ notice.
  18. We shall also provide reasonable notice of any other changes to our terms and conditions that may be detrimental to you.
  19. You or we may end this agreement at any time by notifying the other.
  20. To the extent that it is lawful our liability is limited to supply or resupply of affected products or payment of an amount equivalent to their value.
  21. You shall keep confidential any information that we provide to you and identify as “Confidential Information”.
  22. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the law in Victoria, Australia, whose courts shall have jurisdiction.