Personalisation doesn’t have to be difficult. From custom Bento’s to personalised Luggage straps, our blogs have all the ideas you need to make your gifts more special and memorable. Find out how you can make your products stand out and create unique items that won’t be easily forgotten or lost.

We have you covered for every Occasion

It is worth considering the occasion for which you are personalising a product Birthdays, Anniversaries, Start of new school year etc. these special events can give you the opportunity to create something unique and meaningful. For example, if it’s someone’s birthday, you may want to consider personalising a message on a product or adding a name to a clothing item. Knowing the occasion will help you personalise the product & make it more special!

Best Prices Guaranteed with Cash’s

When personalising products, it’s also important to figure out a realistic budget. Figure out the maximum amount of money you can spend in order to personalise everything you need. Include the cost of the product personalisation. Be sure to look for the best priced products to reduce your costs.

Pay attention to both the material and design of the product you plan on customizing, to make sure it is suitable for your needs. Consider eye-catching colours and shapes when selecting a gift or product that family members are likely to appreciate. For example, you may want to personalise a drink bottle with a motivational phrase or a Bento box with just name initials!

Think of embroidery, and/or heat transfer for school or aged care garments. You’ll also spare yourself from worry or anxiety about items being lost – another great plus! of personalisation. Read our blogs on each product category for detailed information.

We not only personalise products or Kids and aged care we also make products for pets

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