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Bags and tags personalised for you

Professionally designed personalised backpacks, personalised lunch bags, or personalised bag tags is a perfect and practical gift for children.

Backpacks and lunch boxes will never be lost again

You cannot beat the joy of seeing your child’s name on the Christmas or birthday card. If their name was on the gift itself, they might just love and treasure it forever. With Cash’s wide range of personalised products for kids, you can make your next surprise gift truly unforgettable for them.

You can even create matching sets of drink bottle, lunch bag, backpack – to match your child’s bento box. Cash’s offers 100’s of attractive options for every child.

Cash’s Bag & Tags: What Can You Expect?

Backpacks :- At Cash’s, we make sure that our backpacks are waterproof, reinforced, and padded. Our gorgeous custom backpacks are made from the highest-quality 600d polyester and come with a waterproof lining. We added reinforced top loops so kids can hang up their personalised bags on wall or door hooks during or after school. Padded carrying straps provide cushioning comfort to your child’s shoulders.

Contains useful compartments :- With three zippered compartments, your child can separate books and notes from clothes and lunch boxes. A side pocket is also perfect for keeping a drink bottle.

Size and style-adjustable :- Besides customising the bag’s appearance completely, as well as choosing colours, bag tag designs, and fonts for your child’s name, you can also customise the fit. When your child first puts on the backpack, you can adjust the padded straps to fit their body and customise the visual aspect as you order.

Charming Tags :-  They’re fun, colourful, convenient, yet practical. Add your details and a touch of style to stand out in the crowd.

Cash’s offers Acrylic & Woven Bag Tags. The Acrylic ones offered by Cash’s are lightweight, brightly-coloured, and come with a clear rubber string attachment.

The Woven ones have a smaller size metal ring attachment and a larger size buckle and strap attachment are available. These are washable.

Lunch Bags :- We offer insulated lunch bags in a variety of colours and designs to fit your Bento Box plus an extra snack.

Cash’s custom bags and tags are of the highest quality and are the #1 personalisation company in Australia.

Delivery information

Lead Times:- Bento Boxes, Bags & Bottles: Approx. 1-4 working days + Delivery

Delivery times will vary depending on the freight option chosen at checkout.

For urgent orders please contact us