Name Blankets

Blankets – Designer

bento box designer

Bento Lunch Box – Designer

lunch bag designer

Lunch Bag – Designer


Water Bottle Stainless Steel – Name

Personalised plastic Drink bottles in various designer themes

Water Bottle Plastic – Designer


Water Bottle Stainless Steel – Designer

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Personalised Products make great gifts – they are always appreciated, no matter what the occasion. Whether it’s a birthday present, Christmas present or just a nice gesture, they’re sure to make someone happy.

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We’ve compiled 5 reasons why personalised gifts make for the perfect present – so get ready to be inspired and start shopping for that special someone today. There are many benefits of personalised gifts from Cash’s, which is why they make such great presents for loved ones. Here are just a few reasons why personalised gifts are a good idea:

1) Thoughtful you :- They show that you have put thought into it. It shows that you have considered what they need the most. This makes the occasion much more special and meaningful. Personalise your kids clothing or for your parents who are moving to aged care with Cash’s clothing labels

2) Tailored to your Interest :- By personalising you can ensure that it is relevant to your child’s interests and tastes. This means they are more likely to appreciate and use the gift, as opposed to it gathering dust on a shelf. Cash’s