Club Cash’s

Community Program

Club Cashs members get access to unbeatable deals, freebies, and exclusive rewards! If you want to enjoy great savings and treat yourself with some amazing discounts, becoming a member of Club Cashs is the perfect way to do so. Read along to find out more about why everyone is talking about this awesome membership!

Reasons Why You Should Join Club Cashs

Get access to exclusive deals and discounts.

As a Club Cashs member, you’ll get access to unbeatable deals, freebies and exclusive rewards! We have amazing discounts that include discounted prices on your favorite products, exclusive access to products and special offers that can’t be found anywhere else. Get ready for an unbeatable shopping experience with great savings everywhere you go!

Make an account with us and enjoy the benefits of Club Cash’s


Is it free to join’

Start earning points with every purchase

Redemption of points is easy.

The account is only for you hence points cannot be transferred.

Once they log in the page will have the following details

  1. Personal info of customers
  2. Purchase history
  3. Membership Tier

Club Cash’s is the community for our customers. This will be a forum for discussing anything and everything related to the club. Status of the customer will keep changing with the points they accrue so will the benefits they get.

We attract customers to join the club with offers like join to win a $50 Myer / Cue / Mac gift card

Club application will be approved by team Cash’s. These customers form an exclusive email list for Cash’s for conducting exit survey’s, Newsletters etc.

1. Every purchase makes the customer eligible for a tier change e.g., bronze, silver, gold

a. Benefits get unlocked with each tier

i. Bronze tier – 1 point for every $ spent

ii. Silver tier – Add birthday / Anniversary / Tag us on IG, FB, TikTok earn 50 points each

iii. Gold tier – 500+ points eligibility

1. Product trials and samples and product demos

2. Early access to buying new products prior to launch

3. Expert advice from gold members on usage of our products

4. Courses

5. Webinars/virtual summits

6. Contests, quizzes, and giveaways

7. Free shipping

8. Birthday & anniversary discount 10%

9. Tagging benefits

10. Exclusive bundled offers

11. Customer feature on our site

2. Earn reward points with each purchase

a. Redemption of points at Coles/Woolworths

b. Discounts

c. Access to new product lines early

d. Reward and loyalty plugins

Periodic Survey to ask customers what more they want.