Heat Transfer Clothing Labels

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Classic Printed Iron On Clothing Labels

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Classic Printed Iron On Clothing Labels – Multi Coloured

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Heat Transfer Clothing Labels – Multi Colour

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Heat Transfer Clothing Labels – Coloured

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Heat Transfer Clothing Labels – Designer

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What are Heat Transfer Labels?

Heat Transfer Labels are also known as thermal transfers, heat transfer is a method in which a logo or design or name is printed on transfer paper by a special inkjet printer. The graphic is cut out of the paper and laid on the garment.
Our heat seal labels are a simple and effective way to take care of the entire families clothing. The high quality heat seal will ensure your labels remain in their original condition, after washing. These labels are ideal for children’s uniforms, clothing or other special items and an easy way to keep track of individual clothes. This can save you a whole lot of time and money in the long run as you’ll never lose track of valuable shirts and pants!

How do you apply Heat Transfer Labels?

To apply simply set your heat press to 302F or home iron to medium wool setting. Press firmly for 8 seconds. Let the labels cool completely before peeling.

Instructions for heat transfer labels

  1. Place label face up on garment
  2. Cover with baking paper (preferred) or a piece of clean, dry cloth
  3. Set iron to Medium/Wool setting 150 Deg C, 302 Deg F.
  5. Press with medium/heavy even pressure for 8 seconds
  6. Allow to cool slightly then press for a further 5 seconds
  7. Allow to cool slightly then carefully remove paper or cloth while warm.

At Cash’s we are mindful of Landfills and hence ensure that our labels can be easily taken off the garments so it can be passed on “Hand me down” unlike the name stamps available in the market which are permanent leading to throwing away the garment once outgrown.

Delivery information

Lead Times:- Name Labels, Stickers and Bag Tags: Approx 1-4 working days + Delivery

Delivery times will vary depending on the freight option chosen at checkout.

For urgent orders please contact us

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