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Bento Lunch Box – Designer

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Bento Lunch Box – Pattern



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Personalised Bento Lunch Box

Make mealtimes fun and memorable with Cash’s kid’s bento lunch boxes that come with removable insert trays. A personalised lunch bento box with multiple compartments in a dishwasher-safe removable tray is a mealtime upgrade that’s worth every dollar you spend on it. Bring your home-cooked meals with you everywhere, keeping them fresh with Cash’s beautifully designed bento boxes.

You can customise them to have unique designs, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting or losing them. With Cash’s, customisable bento box lunch boxes and insulated tote Lunch bags we are sure that you will Stand out in the classroom crowd.

Our leakproof bento lunch box for kids has compartments that are made from BPA-free, BPS and phthalate-free materials that are guaranteed to be food-safe and approved by the FDA. These compartments can be adjusted as per your lunch preferences (change between 4 or 6 handy compartments). Secure silicone seals prevent food and liquids in separate bento lunch box compartments from mixing. This feature also makes the entire lunch box leak-proof – no moisture can seep in, and no food can spill out. Reinforced clips and steel pin hinges also add durability and the box is tightly shut when it needs to be. Fully Customisable Online. You can also remove the insert tray to have four compartments or keep it inserted to have one with six!

Select your preferred design details, and fonts and combine them with your name. Lunch bags come in two colours, while bentos come in four colours. Convenient for parents and kids alike, they are the perfect solution for lunches on the go.

Cash’s offers the best bento boxes in Australia for a full-on lunch experience with affordable accessories that go together perfectly.

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