5 Personalised Gift Ideas for Your Little Ones

Giving a gift to a young child brings special warmth to our hearts. However, when giving a gift, personalised gift ideas are some of the most treasured. Why? Because they show your little one that you care enough to take the time to add a little something special to their gift that makes it all their own.

So, if you’re looking for some fun, creative personalised gift ideas, go no further! Here are a few ideas from the creators of the best personalised gifts Australia has to offer!

5 Personalised Gift Ideas Your Little One’s Will Treasure

We know just how much young children love personalised gifts, especially when it helps them feel a bit more independent. Lacking personalised gift ideas? Here’s five to help get you started:

1. Customised Pet Leads & Collars for Those with Fur-Siblings

Have you ever let your child choose the family pet’s name? Then you know just how much pride they take in the process! Share the joy of your new furry family member by letting your child create a customised pet lead or collar and allow their bond to flourish!

2. Customised Clothing Labels for Your Budding Fashionista

We know that children have the biggest imaginations, and one way they express their creative style is through their wardrobe. If your child has expressed an interest in fashion and style, why not create a custom clothing label that features their name?

Not only will it help foster their creative side by giving them their own “fashion” label, but it will make their articles easily identifiable for parents.

3. Personalised Luggage Straps for Those Special Family Trips

Does your family do much travelling? Teach your children the responsibility of packing the essentials by letting them help you with the process. Creating a customised luggage strap for each child will give them a sense of pride knowing that they have their own bag and while you are preparing for a trip, let them help you buy packing their essentials in their personal suitcase.

4. Personalised Lunch Bag for Your Child’s First Day of School/Day-care

It can be an emotional time when your little ones start to take their first steps into independence! Whether they are getting ready for their first days of out-of-home childcare or jetting off to school, they’ll need something to keep their lunch/snack in! If that’s the case, a customised lunch bag makes for a perfect personalised gift idea! (ADD PICTURES)

5. Customised Water Bottles for Any Child on the Go!

Hydration is crucial for anyone, especially for growing children. Keep your child hydrated with a water bottles all their own! Let them choose from a variety of fonts, colours and images to keep them excited about staying hydrated. (ADD PICTURES)

The Best Personalised Gifts Australia Has to Offer

If you’re looking for the best personalised gifts in Australia, then look no further than Cash’s!

With over 100 years in the business, Cash’s understands just how excited you are for your personalised gift ideas to come to life. That’s why we take special care to ensure your ideas come to life exactly the way you picture them!

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