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Water Bottle

Stainless & Plastic

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Water Bottle Stainless Steel – Name


Water Bottle Stainless Steel – Designer

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Personalised Stainless steel drink bottles – the best on the market today

This personalised collection is an excellent choice for those who need a smaller one, with a capacity of 400ml these double-walled and vacuum insulated are perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re looking to keep a cup of tea warm, or you’d like to ensure your water stays cool during those summer months, we have you covered. Hot drinks can stay warm for up to 10-15 hours whilst cool drinks can remain so for 30-70 hours.

They are great choice for your and your children’s health as well as the environment and the planet! Remaining watertight thanks to their silicone seal, you won’t have to deal with any leakages in your children’s school bag! or your office bag.

With a soft climbing rope that’s easy to remove when it needs a clean, they are easy to carry. Plus, their elastomer grip makes them easy to open and shut!

They come in a seamless fit, with a smooth polished thread-free mouthpiece. The large opening also means you can easily place ice cubes inside for those warmer days! Be sure to hand wash these items and don’t place them in a dishwasher to ensure they remain in their original condition!

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