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Aussie Pet Parents Get The Best Dog Packs.

High-Quality products at best price point. At Cash’s we offer a variety of products to make life with your pets better! Browse our online store to find a range of pet supplies like dog collars, dog leads, dog tags, dog scarfs & dog bandanas you’ll have multiple choice. If you’re looking for the best dog supplies in Australia, we provide it all. We even give a 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Specialising in AUSSIE MADE Dog packs that have friendly packaging.

Dog packs (personalised dog collar & lead) are a great way to show off your dog’s personality

One of the best ways to show off your dog’s personality is with personalised dog collars & dog Leads. These accessories are available in a variety of colours and can be customised with your dog’s name and other details. Dog Packs are a great way to prevent your dog from getting lost and can help you find them if they get separated from you.

Whether you want to make your dog look rugged or fancy, a custom dog collar with tag & dog lead will let everyone know what kind of pet you have! These are both comfortable and durable, and will help your dog stay warm and dry in the cold weather.

You can also customise your dog Pack with an nameplate buckle. These can include up to four lines of text. This will allow you to include your dog’s name and phone number, which can be very useful if your dog gets lost.

Tip:- For best personalised dog collar & lead fit, ensure two fingers fit comfortably between collar and neck when fastened.

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