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Name Labels Variety Pack – Coloured

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Cash’s Personalised Kids Name Labels – the world’s cutest

Name labels are a great way to get a handle on school season or daycare or kinder or playground or just to help organise your kids room. We makes amazing mini name labels, small & large name labels, round name labels, shoe names labels that will help you keep track of all of your belongings. From lunch boxes to books, bottles, daycare items and more. Don’t let your kids stuff get lost again, our name labels are a great way to make sure their stuff gets back home.

They are a must have item for any family. With our plethora of designs and colours to choose from, each family member can have their own custom labels. Creating name labels is a quick and easy process. We have dozens of options and designs to choose from, so we know you’ll find something you and your family will love. They adhere to pretty much every surface and are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that kids have on their possessions. Personalise their stuff with all of our cool and cute designs, and choose any of our affordable options today.

Our ordering process is simple and straightforward 3 step process.

  1. Head to our website
  2. Select the shape, Design & font
  3. Enter your child’s name & or your family’s name

After you’ve placed your order and selected your payment method, they will be printed at our factory and sent right to your home. If you have questions, don’t worry! Just reach out to us today and let us help you get started on placing an order.


  1. 100% waterproof & made from the highest quality vinyl.
  2. Dishwasher-safe
  3. Safe in Microwave
  4. Super sticky, sticks to almost any surface
  5. Scratch-resistant
  6. Highly durable

Why do you need them?

When applied to items they indicate their owner and other identifying information mentioned on them. They may sometimes be referred to as name tags.

Label practically anything with your kids name personalised. The best one-stop online store for all your kid’s school and daycare needs for an affordable price. For Kinder or Daycare or School, choose from 100s of cute designs & colour options like Dinosaur, Flamingo, Nautical, Woodland, Elephant, Toy trucks & colour options. You can personalise for your kids and yourself.

To help prevent lost property, Cash’s manufactures personalised sticky labels for kids at daycare and school. No more lost property with Australia’s most Trusted brand since 1913. You can iron on or sew them right onto children’s clothing & simply stick on your belongings for everyday use, for school, daycare or kindergarten suiting all occasions.

Cash’s makes amazing Single Colour mini names which you can peel & stick on drink bottles, books, lunch boxes, shoes, pencil cases, pencils and much more. They are a great way to get a handle on back to school season or just to help organise your kids room. We put in a lot of time and care these products to produce an amazing quality.

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Delivery information

Lead Times:- Clothing Labels, and Bag Tags: Approx 1-4 working days + Delivery

Depending on the freight option selected at checkout, delivery times may vary.

For urgent orders please contact us

Bento lunch box personalised by cashs

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