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Clothing Labels – Standard Sew In

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Clothing Labels – Prestige Sew In

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Clothing Labels – Double Line Sew In

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Heat Transfer Clothing Labels – Coloured

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Heat Transfer Clothing Labels – Multi Colour

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Bag Tags Acrylic – Name

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Bag Tags Woven – Name

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Name Labels – Multi Coloured

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Name Labels – Coloured

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Name Labels Variety Pack – Coloured

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Aged Care Essentials: Personalising Your Move-In Experience

Moving into a residential aged care home is a unique transition, and ensuring your loved one’s comfort is paramount. To make this transition smoother, it’s essential to bring specific items from home. Here, we’ll discuss the essentials and how Cash’s can personalise each item for you. Moving into aged care can be more comfortable and emotionally enriching when you personalise essential items. These personal touches can help your loved one feel at ease in their new environment and create a sense of familiarity and home.

Clothing Labels for Age Care

Labelled clothing is crucial for laundry management. While some aged care homes provide this service, consider personalising it with your loved one’s name or a special tag. This small touch can bring comfort and familiarity. Cash’s offers Woven clothing labels and Heat transfer clothing labels that are perfect to manage your clothes.

Name Labels for all your personal items in Age Care

Organise medications in a convenient pill dispenser with clear labels. You can add a personal touch by ensuring that the dispenser is a favourite colour or adorned with our personalised stickers. Personalise eyeglass cases, hearing aid containers, Battery containers, clock, CD player or radio or DVDs, toiletries, blankets, Books  with distinctive designs or colours offered by Cash’s, making them easy to identify & complements your loved one’s room décor, creating a homely atmosphere.

Bag tags for coin purse or wallet in age care

Having a small amount of cash in coin denominations to make small purchases independently. Personalise a coin purse or wallet to keep it easily accessible.

Remember to consult with the aged care facility to ensure their policies align with your customisation efforts.

Delivery information

Lead Times:- Clothing Labels, Stickers and Bag Tags: Approx. 1-4 working days + Delivery

Delivery times will vary depending on the freight option chosen at checkout.

For urgent orders please contact us