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Clothing Labels



Personalised Clothing Labels

Nothing beats Cash’s custom clothing labels.

If you’re looking for long-lasting, personalised clothing labels, consider Cash’s locally made personalised woven name tapes and printed heat transfer labels. Our custom products are easy to use, proven to stand the test of time, and proudly manufactured in Leongatha, Victoria.

Everything from Iron-on to Traditional Sew-in Labels

Why settle for less when you can get the best from true labelling professionals like Cash’s?

The best clothing label option for you might not be ideal for someone else.  Some people like their name tapes old school and sewn directly onto a shirt, while others prefer labels that can be quickly ironed on. It’s a good thing that Cash’s offers both.

You can purchase sew on or iron on variants of our traditional woven name tapes. Cash’s also has a line of printed heat seal labels – an affordable but no less durable alternative.

With our custom clothing labels, you will never have trouble organising your clothes again!  Our name tapes make keeping track of clothing run through bulk washing in boarding schools and aged care facilities much easier, too.

What You Can Expect from Our Personalised Clothing Labels

At Cash’s, we make sure that our custom clothing labels are...

Made Only from the Highest Quality Materials

Our world-famous personalised sew on labels and iron on labels are beautiful, soft, and silky smooth. With top quality yarns in rich colours, Cash’s popular clothing labels are delicately woven and made according to your preferences. 

Not to be outdone, our custom heat transfer labels are also made from high-quality materials that bond tightly to common fabrics – cotton, polyesters, and so much more – using a powerful, heat-activated adhesive.

Easy to Customise Online

Whether it’s for family use or your own brand of clothing, our hassle-free and user-friendly online customisation tool allow you to create personalised labels without breaking a sweat.

Show off your style and select a complementary combination of background colour, font type, font colour, icon, and design.  The more unique the customisation is, the better the chances of the label being noticed.

Proven to Last Through Multiple Washes and Daily Wear

Cash’s professional grade clothing labels are machine washable and dry clean friendly.  You can even re-iron them.  These custom labels won’t fade, fall off, shrink, or wear away.  Count on them to remain in their original condition, with vibrant colours and strong adhesive intact.

A Selection of Custom Clothing Labels for Every Occasion

Cash’s personalised clothing labels are available in a variety of colours, designs, and sizes.

Choose from three categories to find the perfect clothing label to fit your needs:

  • Heat Transfer Clothing Labels
  • Woven Iron-On Clothing Labels
  • Woven Sew-In Clothing Labels

Should you need any help in the customisation process or in applying our personalised clothing labels to your apparel, please feel free to contact us anytime.