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Standard Iron On Clothing Labels

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Our standard, iron-on clothing labels are an easy way to organise your clothes!  Made locally in Leongatha, these labels are delicately woven using quality yarns.  Their long-lasting and durable nature means they will remain in their original condition, and won’t fade or wear away.

Produced with a double strength iron on backing, you can be confident our labels will not come off in the wash.  Woven iron on labels are not reccommended for commercial laundering.

Available in 6 different font colours, these labels are 10mm in height and can include up to 25 characters. The length of the label is dependent on the amount of characters in the name.

Style 5 & 7 are large fonts and are not recommended for labels containing over 10 characters. If you are unsure of the style you need, please call our customer service team on 1800 020 204.

Including your name and/or phone number on the label will help to ensure your children’s clothes aren’t lost and will avoid expensive replacement costs.  Minimum order is 2 dozen.

Cash's Nametapes - The Original And Still The Best!

Ensure you use an ironing board for maximum adhesion to the garment.

Set your iron to HOT (Maximum Heat) & Dry.  DO NOT USE A STEAM IRON

Remove the label from the bag and place it face up onto your item of clothing - Cover the label with a light piece of cloth or a handkerchief.

Slowly move the iron over the label for approx. 45 seconds, ensuring the label remains covered at all times.

Place extra pressure when ironing the sides of the label to ensure maximum adhesion to garment.

Allow garment to cool prior to use.

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